Holland Media Services

Time. You don’t have much of it, do you? HOLLAND MEDIA started with a vision. A vision to assist business owners in creating an online presence when they struggle to find the time to do it themselves. A vision that every successful business needs a public profile where all of their existing or potential customers and clients can see how exceptional their company is. We have always urged our clients to “get ahead of the curve”. Essentially, we want our clients step out of their comfort zone and progress their business through social media marketing.

Our company knows Instagram algorithms like the back of our hand. We also have a lot of experience in Facebook and LinkedIn as well. In fact, HOLLAND MEDIA knows Instagram so well that we have kickstarted multiple profiles over 3,000 followers each. One account in particular has surpassed 15,700 followers and rapidly approaching 20,000. That account was started in August of 2017.
How can this help you? By being ahead of the curve. That’s right, think for a second. Do you wanna be the business owner with 10,000 followers on Instagram attracting new customers daily through your social media presence? Or do you want it to be your competition next door? The future is now and EVERYONE uses Instagram. Give your customers a place to come connect with you and your company and after all, it will only strengthen their loyalty. And at competitive rate starting at $300, how can you go wrong?
Our Instagram marketing starts at an extremely competitive rate of $300. This rate includes professional management and organic follower mining. Please note that we can also provide digital advertising opportunities for an additional fee which are based on the clients needs and the platform. We also offer professional photography from our wonderful COO & Director of Multi-Media Marketing, Timothy J. Flynn. Our team here at HOLLAND MEDIA has a key focus on Instagram, but we will also market your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for an additional fee.